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Lone Oak Fund

Stephan Kachani is Vice President of Lone Oak Fund, one of California’s largest private bridge lenders, with over 500 members now in the fund. Since Stephan joined the firm in 2003, he has closed over 1.5 Billion in bridge loans, become an investor in the fund, and an expert in private bridge lending. Often interviewed and written about, Stephan also writes about and speaks on real estate finance related issues.

Reach beyond your mortgage limit (and cut your utility bills) with a green mortgage


Do you have old appliances that you’d like to upgrade? Is your HVAC system on its last legs? Are you interested in buying a house that needs to have new windows installed? Is your house extra drafty and cold during the winter because of inadequate insulation?

Homeowners Insurance: Pay Only as Much as You Need

When purchasing home owners insurance, you will want to make sure that you purchase enough to cover your home if it were destroyed in a disaster. You not only want to be able to replace your home, but you may need to replace what you have inside the home as well. It's also a good idea to have enough home owner's insurance should someone be injured on your property and they chose to sue you.

Cover 100% of a Rebuild

The Benefits of Keeping an Open HELOC

When I bought my first home it was during the no-docs, anything-goes housing bubble, and the purchase price of the house made my bank get a little creative. What they ended up offering me was a traditional 30-year mortgage for 90% of the home price, and a home equity line of credit (HELOC) for the other 10%. I was a little unclear on how you could take our a line of credit on a house you didn’t own until you’d gotten the line of credit, but thinking like that during a closing can make you dizzy, so I just signed the fifty thousand pages placed in front of me and took possession of my keys.

How to Protect Your Belongings from Natural Disasters


Drought, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters cause tens of thousands of demises and hundreds of injuries, and millions of dollars in economic losses every year all across the world. Furthermore, billions of dollars in emergency loans, humanitarian assistance, as well as development aid are improved yearly. With hundreds and thousands of citizens bearing the brunt of natural hazards every year, it makes sense to take some preventive measures and reduce losses to one’s property and home. The natural hazard direct damages can be reduced, if you plan things in advance.

Why Property is a Great Investment

The property market is an extremely important part of modern economies. In our society, the idea of owning one’s home is deeply ingrained, meaning that for the majority of people it is simply unthinkable to continue renting indefinitely. However, those fortunate enough to own multiple properties, or who don’t mind renting out the single property they own, are able to tap into the profit potential of this market. Property can be a fantastic investment for those with enough capital or a timely inheritance - read on to learn how it can be used to boost your income.

How to Pay Off a 30-Year Mortgage in just 5 Years

Who wouldn’t love to pay off their home mortgage within five or even seven years? For many homeowners, their home loan payment is the largest regular expense in their budget, and you don’t have to think too hard to see that eliminating this expense from your budget could help you to enjoy a drastically improved quality of life. The fact is that many people do have the financial means to pay their note off early, but it does take a considerable amount of time and effort along with the right strategy.

How Does the Recent Election Affect Mortgage Lending?

Every election affects the mortgage market in some way; however, it's not always easy to predict how. Just because a president has ideas doesn't mean he will be able to convince congressional leaders from the opposing party to go along. That said, with his recent reelection, President Obama is in a strong position to influence mortgage lending. To get an idea of which direction things will go, it's important to understand where he stands on certain issues.